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Open Call: Epic Offering EGX Floor Space To Unreal Devs

Submit by August 8th

At any big gaming conference or expo I've been to there's been a strong dividing line between mainstream and indie. Both are awful labels, but for sake of simplicity: the former fills cavernous halls with booths, music, and major publisher money, while the latter normally finds itself a corner of carefully curated darlings, most featuring sprite graphics and other symbols signalling that the game is made by one person or a small team.

What of single persons or small teams making indie games with the tools of the mainstream? Do developers making oddities within Unreal Engine 4 find they fall between two stalls, and so find no stall at all at gaming conferences? Would they benefit from Epic offering them one of eight spots at this year's Eurogamer Expo?

I don't know, but that's what is happening. If you're an Unreal Engine 4 subscriber - i.e. you pay monthly for the service launched back in March - then you're able to submit your game for consideration. It'll need to be playable, a family friendly build, and you'll need to sort your own travel and accommodation, but Epic have the floor space and the computers.

I've never been to the Eurogamer Expo, but I'm told there are games there. I'm also told that you can normally find tired RPS writers at a nearby pub one evening after the show. So it has been, and so I'm sure it shall be again.

Unreal developers: you've got till August 8th to get your submissions in.

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