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Elden Ring Dung Eater quest: where to find the Seedbed Curse

The Dung Eater and the Seedbed Curse explained

Want to know where to find the Dung Eater and his Seedbed Curses in Elden Ring? Yes, that's a sentence that I just wrote. Damn you, Elden Ring, for your weird and wonderful side-quests. The Loathsome Dung Eater is an NPC that you can first encounter in the Roundtable Hold in Elden Ring, and at first glance it may not seem like there is a long quest associated with him. But there certainly is: a quest to find the Seedbed Curses he has left on those he has killed.

This quest will take you across the Lands Between, and the Seedbed Curses themselves are often well hidden. So below, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about the Dung Eater in Elden Ring, and where to find the Seedbed Curses that he requests of you.

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Elden Ring: where to find the Dung Eater

There are three different times you may want to find the Dung Eater in Elden Ring. In order to find and speak to him for the very first time, you should first head to the Roundtable Hold, and speak to both Roderika and Blacksmith Hewg across multiple visits, until Roderika becomes a Spirit Tuner who can upgrade your Spirit Ashes.

At some point, Roderika will have the "There's something you should know" dialogue option, where she explains that she can hear cursed voices from the other side of the Hold. You can now progress beyond the Twin Maiden Husks on the other side of the Hold to find the Dung Eater sitting, surrounded by corpses, in a newly opened room.

After that, the Dung Eater will wish for you not to disturb him. This will continue until you get your hands on your first Seedbed Curse (more about this below). Return to him after procuring your first Seedbed Curse, and he will tell you to go find his true corporeal form in the sewers under the Capital, Leyndell. He'll give you the Sewer-Gaol Key to aid in your journey.

The player in Elden Ring stands before the Dung Eater, chained in a cellar beneath the Capital, Leyndell.

Dung Eater Capital sewers location

To reach the Dung Eater's true location under the Capital, head through the sewers of Leyndell until you reach the ladder which brings you up to the tip of the giant dragon's wing. Then head down the stairs and across to the west, until you reach a wall that you can jump over on the left, which leads you up a slope and into some ruins. Keep going into the town area, and drop down the well that you'll find there. Follow this path through the new area known as the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds, and you'll reach the Dung Eater's location in his Sewer-Gaol.

Dung Eater invasion location

If you choose to free the Dung Eater, then he will disappear. Upon returning to his previous location in the Roundtable Hold, a note will be left for you, telling you to meet him for a fight at the outer moat of Leyndell. To find the new location of the Dung Eater, follow the map below. If you go here, then the Dung Eater will invade your world and fight you.

Part of the Elden Ring map, with the location of the Dung Eater invasion fight marked.

Upon his defeat, you'll be able to speak to him at the Roundtable Hold, where he tells you to give his corporeal body under the Capital more Seedbed Curses that you find.

Elden Ring Seedbed Curse locations

A Seedbed Curse is a horrific growth-like mark left on the corpses of those slain and cursed by the Dung Eater. There are several Seedbed Curses in the game, and they're all fairly well-hidden, but below we'll walk you through how to get your hands on all of the Seedbed Curses we've found so far.

Seedbed Curse #1: Leyndell Tower

This Seedbed Curse can be found by starting at the East Capital Rampart Site of Grace, and then following the path until you reach an elevator that leads you downwards. In the next room is a Perfumer you can defeat. There is also a ladder in this room on the right-hand side. Head up the ladder to a new room where the Seedbed Curse can be found next to a sitting corpse.

Seedbed Curse #2: Leyndell Fortified Manor

Another Seedbed Curse to be found in Leyndell, this time you should head to the Fortified Manor that takes up a large portion of the west side of inner Leyndell. Head out the front door of the Manor and move clockwise around its outside until you reach a wooden adjoining structure you can jump onto. From there, you can jump into the upper floor of the Manor, where things suddenly look identical to the Roundtable Hold. Head to where the Dung Eater usually hangs out in the Roundtable Hold to find another corpse and another Seedbed Curse.

Seedbed Curse #3: Volcano Manor

A third Seedbed Curse is available to those who have fully explored Volcano Manor - as in, the entire area, not just the tiny manor itself. For those who are confused, head down the corridor from Lady Tanith, enter the first room on the right, and slash at the back wall to reveal a pathway that will lead you into the true Volcano Manor legacy dungeon.

If you've already unlocked everything here (crucially, if you've opened the door on your right as you enter the manor), then head through that door and follow the path down to reach the underground area previously only accessible by using a Stonesword Key. At the very end of this cellar is another corpse and a Seedbed Curse.

Seedbed Curse #4: Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree

It'll take you some time to reach the fourth Seedbed Curse, as you'll first need to unlock the late-game Haligtree region north of the Mountaintops of the Giants. Head to the Prayer Room Site of Grace, follow the path along until you reach the two adjacent stairways - one up, one down. Take the right-hand side downward staircase, then jump through the broken bit of wall on the right onto the slope below.

From here, jump down again and run along this platform, then jump up onto the other slope. Run up to the top, turn right, and head to the end of the path. There you'll find yet another corpse and Seedbed Curse.

Seedbed Curse #5: Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree

The second Haligtree Seedbed Curse is close by. Return to the platform you initially jumped down to, and head across it back towards the Prayer Room Grace to the south. Jump down onto the platform below you, then over the fence onto the beam. You'll see another small platform below with a door into a dark room. Jump onto the platform and through the door, walk down the stairs, and turn right to find another corpse and a fifth Seedbed Curse.

Those are all the Seedbed Curses that we've found so far in Elden Ring. If you've found any that we haven't mentioned above, be sure to let us know in the comments below! In the meantime, be sure to check out our guide on the different Elden Ring boss locations and our Elden Ring walkthrough for more general assistance while you're here.

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