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Elden Ring's launch trailer reveals new things, so be warned

You can watch it now, if you want?

While Elden Ring doesn't launch for another few days, the launch trailer launched today. Like many people, I'm trying to avoid the new grim adventure from the makers of Dark Souls as much as possible, because I want to go in innocent, wide-eyed, full of surprise, and wholly unwarned of the many deaths awaiting me. So I'll share the launch trailer with you but I won't watch it myself. Even the game's marketing team warn that it shows things we've not seen before.

Watch on YouTube

"Watch our latest trailer here but beware if you want to discover the game with unclouded eyes, as it contains characters and scenes never seen before," warned the press release we received today. Alright then, I will avoid your hard work.

One thing I like about Souls games is that unless I see things for myself, when someone tries to tell me something about it, either I won't have the context to remotely understand what they're describing, or I'll assume they're making it up to rib me. Oh yeah, a poison hell so large and horrible it kills the framerate? Why would they make that? Oh and you're telling me I should kick this NPC off a cliff? Yeah, pull the other one. And I have to do hwhat with an umbilical cord? Yeah yeah, okay.

The makers recently confirmed Elden Ring launch and preload times. Preloading begins tonight then for us on PC in the UK, it'll launch at 11pm on Thursday.

We're celebrating the impending launch of Elden Ring with Souls Week, a series of articles on FromSoft's melancholy adventures, leading up to our review. So far, we've celebrated the times between bosses and talked with the fella who's been in charge of translation.

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