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Enjoy watching this fella reload toys and hoovers as if they were guns

I love the smell of toast in the morning

Household object handling hitmen rejoice! Video maker "Kommander Karl" is at your service to demonstrate, just how your everyday objects can be held like a deadly weapon. If you have ever held the urge to scoop up your cat and cock them like a hand cannon, or the desire to pop saucy meat bullets in their mouth and pretend to open fire across the kitchen, then Karl has the reload videos for you.

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Discovering not only a penchant but an unbound skill for reloading residential weaponry, Karl has delighted FPS fans with his clips. Reloading pretty much anything he can get his hands on around the home - vacuum cleaners, pencil sharpeners, and Fisher Price toys - Karl has put in the hours to hone his skills as an appliance-wielding assassin.

Holding each item like its own unique weapon, complete with slow moving idling animation, Karl finds a way to reload that which shouldn't shoot. With his health, armour and ammo adorning the bottom of the screen, Karl maintains in-game realism even updating his ammunition count on the click.

In a tweet talking about the process he says, "There is some mild editing involved yes. But I've done reloads in my sad little room for a troubling amount of time. I've had a lot of practice." Karl also reassures everyone that the lightbulb is indeed safe. "It actually never broke, that was a sound effect I added for comedic effect. The bulb itself is plastic I discovered."

The toaster was not so fortunate, and came out of its encounter sans its bread-warming ability. "My toaster has been absolutely destroyed. It doesn't function anymore. - I was everything but gentle with this thing."

Working his full-time job as a 3D video game artist, you can find Karl's household reloads, as well as his opinions on some of the more technical aspects of games on his TikTok and YouTube. As for his next adventure, he's taken his trusty toaster out with a Go Pro hoping to make videos which follow toasty bullets as they fly.

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