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Fabledom is a fairytale citybuilder about romancing princes and princesses

Out in early access now

Occasionally I wonder if the market for wholesome town builders has reached saturation, but then a trailer pops up for another one and I'm never less than intrigued. The latest is Fabledom, which promises the pastoral fields and castle wall construction I adore, then adds a twist by being set within a fairytale kingdom. It's in early access now.

Here's the launch trailer:

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The Fabledom Steam page describes it as a "laid back city builder" set in a "wholesome fairytale world." You build your town in typical fashion, by gathering resources and constructing buildings to store them and transform them into other goods. You use these goods to trade with other kingdoms, and your diplomatic efforts can lead to romance and the addition of a King or Queen to your lands.

Honestly, smoochie-woochies are a much more compelling endgame for a citybuilder to me than Banished-style starvation and pestilence. You can also choose a champion and recruit an army, however, who will defend your kingdom against "vile neighbours and minions." The fairytale world is also apparently populated with giants, witches and flying pigs, although whether you're romancing them or fighting them, I don't know.

The current plan is for Fabledom to remain in early access for a year, with the full version to feature "8 princes & princesses each with their own unique storylines." The developers also describe its current state as "far from complete".

If that doesn't scare you off, you can find Fabledom on Steam for $15/£13.49.

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