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Faeria is now free to members of the RPS Supporter Program

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We've just added another game to the RPS Supporter Program. If you're already a supporter (or if you sign up now), you'll get access to a key for Faeria, the collectible card game that Brendan's review says is "more interesting" than vanilla Hearthstone and "many times more thoughtful than Duelyst." Read on for more details.

The RPS Supporter Program offers those who sign up an ad-free version of the site, three exclusive articles a week, and a growing bundle of free games, gods and hats. The games you'll get if you sign up are currently Hard West, Diluvion, Desperados: Wanted Dead Or Alive, Magicka, and now Faeria.

Faeria recently made the leap from free-to-play to buy-to-play, so that you no longer need to unlock cards via booster packs and chests bought with real money. Instead you pay a one-time fee of £19 and then progressively unlock cards as you gain levels, like an old-fashioned premium game (with expansion packs). Or with the RPS Supporter Program it, uh, Faeria is free to play again. But like an old-fashioned freeware game.

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If you're already a supporter, you can find your Faeria key by logging into your Humble account, heading to your Keys page, and typing 'rps' into the search box. All keys included in the RPS Supporter Program should show up - and Faeria is now among them.

If you're not yet a supporter, head here to find out more about the benefits and sign up. We currently offer two packages: a six-month subscription for $25 (about £19.20) and twelve-month subscription for $40 (about £30.70). You can also visit this post for information on the other free gifts available, which include a Horace hat for Team Fortress 2.

As always, Faeria keys are available on a first-come, first-served basis. We have enough keys available to cover everyone currently a member of the Supporter Program and a bunch of new sign-ups, and this post will be updated if and when the keys run out.

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