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Fall Guys is a multiplayer obstacle course of Takeshi's Castle foolishness

Tears before bedtime

Get one hundred people together in a wasteland their natural inclination will be to find guns and murder each other to pieces, the ongoing glut of battle royale shooters would have you believe. It wasn't always this way. Television gameshows like It's A Knockout, Wipeout, and especially Takeshi's Castle once showed us that dozens of competitors can come together to fanny about in weird minigames, no murder necessary. We can get back there. Devolver Digital last night announced Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, a hundred-player rumble where the path to victory is a long and foolish obstacle course.

I'm up for physics-driven obstacle course foolishness. If rounds move fast enough and the wait time between matches is short enough, heck yeah, throw my foolish floppy figure into the grinder over and over.

Devolver note that as well as the usual free-for-all falling, it has some cooperative challenges where the Fall Guys play as teams. And yes, of course it has costumes bits to make your flopfella even sillier.

Made by Mediatonic, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is coming to Steam in 2020.

Speaking of Takeshi's Castle reminds me of the absolute horror of the lubricated stairs on another Japanese show. This is what Nvidia and AMD should be doing with their high-tech fluid simulation demos built to sell graphics cards.

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Fall Guys

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