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Far Cry Primal Trailer Confirms It's A Far Cry Game

Graham's owl facts

I don't know much about Far Cry Primal [official site] beyond its stone age setting, but Adam did recently tell me that you use owls as binoculars in the game. That doesn't mean you hold them up to your face and place light-refracting lenses in their mouths, but that you can maybe possess or become an owl. I don't know. There's a new trailer below though and there's definitely an owl flying away from a feather-explosion in it.

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Exactly 1 minute in for the feather explosion.

I like Ubisoft's willingness to do silly things with Far Cry - not because of Blood Dragon, but because of the strange and tangential console spin-off, Far Cry Instincts, in which you could turn into animals. I like to think that there's a BioShock Infinite-like metastory that links all these different interpretations of the same idea, but instead of lighthouses there's always a man, a bow and arrow, and an infinite supply of necks to pierce.

(This is no bad thing. Bows and arrows are the best weapon and I like Far Cry games a lot.)

Far Cry Primal is being released on February 23rd and I'm not sure I know any more about it after watching the trailer above than I did before. I went to an owl sanctuary in Cornwall once however and all the owls were lying face down on the ground with their wings outstretched. We were told this is because it was so hot and they liked to sunbathe, but I've always wondered if it was because actually they longed for someone to use them as a pair of binoculars.

We'll have more substantive thoughts on Far Cry Primal shortly, but this is all I know about owls.

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