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For £31.50, this 512GB Samsung Evo Plus Micro SD card is ideal for Steam Deck and Switch

130MB/s reads and A2/V30 ratings are impressive for this price.

samsung 512gb evo plus
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Samsung

A few months ago we posted about a deal that saw a 512GB Micro SD card available for £40. Now, things are improving - and you can get a similar model, Samsung's 512GB Evo Plus, for just £31.50 at Amazon.

This Micro SD card is rated for up to 130MB/s reads and has an A2 rating for random performance and a V30 rating for video recording, making it a fine choice for adding more game storage to a Steam Deck, ROG Ally or Switch, or for shooting high-definition 4K/8K video on a DSLR, mirrorless camera, action camera, 360-degree camera or smartphone. (Gosh, there sure are a lot of devices that shoot video nowadays.)

Samsung are one of the best-trusted makers of flash memory these days, with well-reviewed SSDs as well as memory cards like these, so I feel quite confident recommending this model - especially as we've already tested it for Steam Deck!

I think that's just about all of the information you need, so I'll close out this post with a reassurance that Samsung is pretty much the go-to brand for Micro SD cards, and that reputation is well-deserved given their aggressive pricing, solid performance and cool blue-and-white designs. You'll also note that Samsung cards make up a good proportion of our favourite Steam Deck Micro SD card recommendations!

Do you have any questions about Micro SD cards? Please let me know in the comments below - I'm fascinated to hear your thoughts! Catch me for another deal very soon, and until then farewell!

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