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Fortnite summons the Storm King for a spooky PvE boss battle event

He's a big boy

Halloween has arrived in Fortnite Battle Royale with a honking great cooperative boss battle in an event mode like something out of an MMORPG. The Storm King LTM sees the big boy and his undead armies rise again and sends a few dozen players out to stop him. I've had a few cracks myself and been surprised by quite how tough the fight is.

The Storm King event mode pits players against a large lad from Save The World, Fortnite's oft-forgotten original PvE mode. A dozen-odd players (perhaps up to 16, matchmaking permitting? I don't know) drop onto a small island to face him while he calls down boulders, summons buildings that spawn zombies, and fires zapbeams out his eyes. He's tough! You have to go through rounds of smashing his weak spots and juggling that with mashing the hordes of zombies (and the buildings spawning them) has been too tricky for folks in every match I've played. It's quite fun, and I'll return once strategies are formed and disseminated and everyone seems in less of a blind panic.

It is still weird to see bits of Fortnite Battle Royale's origins peek around the curtain. Hello, mate. No one come to visit you in a while? Yeah, come on, come interrupt the battle royale for a few days.

Halloween brings new challenges offering XP and cosmetic bits, obvs, including a spooky umbrella and a load of skateboards from Creative mode's own spooky event mode.

See today's announcement and patch notes for more. This runs until next Tuesday.

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