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Dicey Dungeons

5 months ago

Dicey Dungeons can now be played in Irish, with a gamepad

Localisation is a tough task, even when not considering languages English has tried its hardest to stamp out over the centuries. But today's 1.8 update for Dicey Dungeons brings developer Terry Cavanagh's dice-roller a little closer to home by adding full Irish language support, alongside proper gamepad controls, balance overhauls and two new baddies who've been waiting on the sidelines since launch.

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11 months ago

Dicey Dungeons planning big updates, ports, and expanded mod support

Some big updates, ports to new platforms, and expanded mod support are coming to Dicey Dungeons, lead developer Terry Cavanagh has announced, laying out his plans for the deckbuilding roguelike's future. Our Brendy said the game was quite good in our Dicey Dungeons review when it launched three months ago, not just because you can power through episodes as furry bearlike dice, and the devs…

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12 months ago

Dicey Dungeons scares up new challenges and monsters for a Halloween update

As I was lurching around my neighbourhood, dressed like a scary poll tax collector, I banged on a door and readied myself for my traditional Halloween scare-a-thon. To my surprise, it was Terry Cavanagh’s mansion. He gave me a hearty laugh and tipped a new Halloween-themed Dicey Dungeons update into my plastic pumpkin. His cute deckbuilding roguelike is now 100% more Halloweeny for the next…

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1 year ago

Dicey Dungeons biggest update yet adds new spells and re-rolls tricky challenges

Dice? Cards? I often feel Terry Cavanagh's quite brilliant little puzzler Dicey Dungeons could've easily been a board game. Thankfully, it's a videogame, meaning balance changes and new challenges don't require sourcing a printer to download pages and pages of errata. All you need to get a hold of today's 1.5 update, the "biggest since launch", is a couple of minutes of internet access, and…

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Dice-roll deckbuilder Dicey Dungeons tumbles out on August 13th

It's normal to have a little dice-rolling in a game. Putting them in the hero's chair, not so much. Dice are normally the silent judge, deciding clutch victory from horrific failure on a whim. They're what separate mission success from a pile of dead XCOM squaddies. Maybe it's time to put those bones through the wringer themselves. See how they like it.Dicey Dungeons is the…

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2 years ago

Chipzel and Cavanagh team up again in the latest Dicey Dungeons update

'Dice equipment management' might not be a phrase that ignites your passion for turn-based roguelikes, but it does accurately describe Terry Cavanagh's latest game. Don't be fooled though: Dicey Dungeons is still in alpha, but it's already a blast. Update 0.11 landed last night, introducing new art from Marlowe Dobbe and new music from Chipzel. You might remember Chipzel from Super Hexagon, a previous game…

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Terry Cavanagh’s next game is Dicey Dungeons, and it’s delicious

There's a temptation to look at games with dice in them and go 'EW! Randomness!'. I'm aware of that because it's sometimes my instinctive reaction, even though I know better: dice can be a fantastic driver for Interesting Decisions, and Terry Cavanagh's latest project proves it. He's been working on Dicey Dungeons for the past 3 months, though it was only this week that he…

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