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Give yourself a present with this PS1-style Twin Peaks game

Damn fine coffee!

A screenshot of an unofficial Twin Peaks adaptation from Blue Rose Team, showing a red-carpeted hallway.
Image credit: Blue Rose Team

I can feel all my Cool Culture Critic points dribbling out of my ears as I type this, but I've never actually watched Twin Peaks, David Lynch's acclaimed paranormal smalltown TV show. The nearest I've come to doing so is that one episode of the Simpsons. The major things I am given to understand about it are that it is very confusing, sexy in a ghoulish way, and 100% comprised of memes in the same way that Hamlet has retrospectively become a book's worth of quotations.

I have, however, played a surprising number of very decent games that are influenced by Twin Peaks - Zelda: Link's Awakening, Silent Hill and the amazing Lone Survivor, to pick a few that I know about for sure. So who knows, perhaps I won't be utterly bamfoodled and confluzzled by Twin Peaks: Into The Night, an unofficial PS1-style adaptation of the game that has just surfaced on Itch.

The game's demo goes live on August 15th, and to this child of the PS1 years, it looks rather glorious, with authentically smudged and boxy character models, fixed 4:3 resolution perspectives, broody guitar ("Into The Night" is, I gather, a tune from the show) and a spinning Resident-Evil-esque inventory. You play special agent Dale Cooper, sent to the town of Twin Peaks to investigate the murder of homecoming queen Laura Palmer. Play seems to take the form of doing stuff with items - going by what precious little I know of the show, I'm not expecting much in the way of combat.

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It's all the hard work of Blue Rose Team, aka Lucas Guibert and Jean Manzoni - the latter of whom previously worked on Road 96, which Alice B enjoyed. Back in the day, Adam (RPS in peace) did a whole feature on Twin Peaks-flavoured games. Do you have a favourite?

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