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GTFO looks like Payday meets Dead Space

Going To Faint...Oranges?

Terrible, terrible name aside, 10 Chambers’ 4-player horror FPS GTFO looks like a good time for fans of running terrified down a claustrophobic sci-fi corridor. You can see its flashlights and monsters in the trailer below.

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Oh dear -- I’m already extremely stressed out after only a couple of minutes. I think this going to have to be something I save for long, bright summer days when there are plenty of people in the flat to look after me when I’m in a fragile state. I’ve seen a few people compare it to Aliens, which it absolutely does resemble, but I’m seeing a lot more of Dead Space, particularly in the monsters who seem to be less like aliens and more like horrifying mutants.

I only played a little bit of Payday and its successor (10 Chambers are formed in part by former Overkill employees), but I loved the tension that came from everyone scrambling to finish the objective before the SWAT team bursts through the door. It looks like GTFO is attempting something similar, just switching boring old humans in Kevlar for nightmarish body horror.

Instead of a band of robbers, players will be part of a four-person team of scavengers, exploring and looting an underground labyrinth that’s filled with monsters. There’s nothing quite like the threat of an army of grotesques to make hunting for artefacts and gear feel exciting again.

GTFO is due out in 2018.

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