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Hades Titan Blood: how to find and use Titan Blood to increase your power

How to use Titan Blood to unlock and upgrade your weapon Aspects

How do you use Titan Blood in Hades? Titan Blood is one of the rarest resources you can encounter in Hades, the fantastic godlike roguelite from Supergiant Games. You can gain these droplets of Titan Blood by vanquishing the toughest adversaries in the Underworld, and then you can spend it to upgrade your Titan-slaying weapons. Our Hades Titan Blood guide will walk you through every method of obtaining and using this powerful resource.

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What is Titan Blood?

Titan Blood is one of the rarest and most potent resources that you can obtain during your escape attempts in Hades. Like Nectar, any Titan Blood you earn during a run persists after your run ends; but unlike Nectar, you can't get Titan Blood as a simple room reward in Hades.

The main method of obtaining Titan Blood is as a bounty for successful boss battles, and the main use of Titan Blood is unlocking and upgrading the different Aspects of your weapons. But there are other ways to find and use Titan Blood which we'll walk you through below.

How to find Titan Blood: every method explained

The main way to obtain Titan Blood in Hades is to beat the boss battles at the end of each realm of the Underworld. After you beat the final boss for the first time, you're served with a Pact of Punishment for future runs, which gives you the ability to increase your Heat Gauge for your current weapon by making the game harder. Each time you set the Heat Gauge higher, you'll gain access to a new selection of Bounty rewards for completing each realm - and one of the most common Bounty rewards is Titan Blood.

So, if you want to earn Titan Blood quickly, you'll need to get good at defeating bosses (our main Hades strategy guide can help with this!), and then you'll need to keep switching weapons and upping the Heat Gauge between runs, so as to keep earning Bounty rewards with each new run.

Other ways to earn Titan Blood

Aside from Bounty rewards, there are three additional methods of earning Titan Blood (though these are far more limited):

  • Trade for Titan Blood at the Wretched Broker's shop in the House of Hades;
  • Purchase Titan Blood from Charon at his shop in the Styx;
    • This tends to cost 1200 Coin, which requires you to essentially buy nothing else throughout your run.
  • Complete the Prophecies which reward you with Titan Blood;
    • You can earn a total of 34 Titan Blood by completing each of these Prophecies.
  • Catch certain rare fish and trade them with the House Chef.

But by far the best method for quickly upping your reserves of Titan Blood is to play around with different weapons and the Pact of Punishment to earn Bounties on your runs.

How to use Titan Blood in Hades

Once you've stocked up on Titan Blood you might start wondering what purpose it serves. The answer is that Titan Blood can unlock and upgrade the various Aspects of your weapons.

Each of the six weapons in Hades has four Aspects which change your playstyle and skillset with that weapon. You only start with the first Aspect for each weapon, but by paying Titan Blood you can unlock the rest. Each Aspect can then be leveled up (to a maximum of Level 5) with further payments of Titan Blood to increase the strength of their effects. To learn more about each Aspect and its effects, be sure to consult our comprehensive Hades weapons guide!

How to unlock new Aspects for your Infernal Arms

To unlock and upgrade these Aspects, you must pick up your chosen weapon in the Courtyard, and then interact with the weapon pedestal again to open the Aspects menu. From here you can switch between unlocked Aspects at will, and use the plus icon on the right of each Aspect to upgrade it with Titan Blood.

Unlocking the final Hidden Aspect of each weapon requires you to spend 5 Titan Blood across the previous Aspects for that weapon, and then talk to:

  • Nyx (for Stygius) - unlocks Aspect of Arthur
  • Artemis (for Coronacht) - unlocks Aspect of Rama
  • Chaos (for Aegis) - unlocks Aspect of Beowulf
  • Achilles (for Varatha) - unlocks Aspect of Guan Yu
  • Asterius (for Malphon) - unlocks Aspect of Gilgamesh
  • Zeus (for Exagryph) - unlocks Aspect of Lucifer

You can also use Titan Blood to procure different resources through the Wretched Broker.

And that's everything you ever need to know about Titan Blood in Hades. But that's not all we have to share on the topic of Supergiant's excellent roguelite. Why not check out our list of the very best Hades Boons or Hades Keepsakes?

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