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Heart Of Deimos expansion infests Warframe today

An icky new moon to explore

Digital Extremes' MMO shoot-em-up Warframe gets a meaty and, well, pretty gross-looking expansion today. It's called The Heart Of Deimos, and it plops you Tennos onto the titular Martian moon to kill some Infested aliens and figure out what they're up to (you know, aside from making everything look plague-ridden).

This expansion is introducing a big new open world area, as well as Warframe power customisation, new K-Drives (which you'll be able to shoot from!), new story missions, and loads more good stuff.

Good stuff like the two gigantic worms you can see wiggling around on the moon, caught in an eternal battle. At least, I think they're pretty cool. You can catch a glimpse of them in the gameplay trailer below.

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Deimos is a denser open-world area than you might be used to in Warframe. The Infested faction are rooted pretty deeply into the planet, so on top of all the gross structures on the surface, there are plenty of dark, icky tunnels for you to explore, too.

The more exciting thing coming in this update is the Helminth - a system which allows players to transfer powers between their Warframes. You do this by feeding resources to a creature that looks like something out of Little Shop Of Horrors, then sitting in a very stabby chair which will change your Warframe's abilities.

RPS Vidbud Matthew got a chance to chat with Warframe's studio manager, Sheldon Carter, about all things Heart Of Deimos. He told him that, while Heart Of Deimos isn't the biggest open world they've ever made, "it’s the deepest" and "most compact."

"There’s so much stuff to go and get into and I feel that’s the same thing with the Helminth. Instead of a broad system that feels like 'oh my god, it's all these different things, it's all these different places and changes everything'... [Helminth] does, but changes it in a tight way."

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Other exciting things include a new K-Drive, which is literally just an alien bug you can ride on the back of. An update to K-Drive combat is coming, too. Heart Of Deimos is introducing the ability to whip out your secondary weapon to shoot at enemies while you're riding.

The new community Warframe, Xaku, is also arriving, as are some cute (?) Infested creatures you can save and keep as companions. Then there are the Necramechs - big mechs that your operators can take control of which are particularly good at murdering the Infested.

Learn about all this and more on Warframe's Deimos page.

The Heart Of Deimos launches today for Warframe, which is free-to-play and can be downloaded in its own client and on Steam.

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