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Voxel-smashing heist game Teardown is out in early access

Literal *breaking* news

There's nothing quite like a fully destructible world to relieve a little stress, is there? Smash 'n' grab heist 'em up Teardown came out in early access today, inviting you to absolutely demolish some voxel environments. In it you'll get to use explosives, vehicles and all kinds of tools to tear down walls and buildings to pull off the perfect (and messy) heist.

The trailer gives me GTA-meets-Minecraft vibes, but with a very healthy dose of ruthless destruction thrown in there. It looks: great.

In Teardown you can mess around in sandbox and creative modes, wrecking buildings to your heart's content. Or you can play the campaign, do some heists, and bring some reason to your ravaging.

The heists task you with preparing an escape route by destroying whichever bits of the map you deem best. However, as soon as you grab the first item, an alarm will sound and police helicopters will start zoning in your location. You'll have to use your carefully-planned (though likely debris-filled) route to get out.

It's made by solo dev Dennis Gustafsson (aka Tuxedo Labs). Over the last couple of years he's been posting very good clips of the game on Twitter, including this recent one of him crashing a boat into the sea. It's a brill example of how wonderfully destructible everything is. It's definitely worth having a scroll if you'd like to see more of Teardown's delightful destruction before playing it yourself.

Gustafsson reckons the game will be in early access for about a year. At the moment, it has the first part of the campaign (which is still around 20 missions), but ultimately it'll have a load more of these, as well as new sandbox levels, tools and more.

Teardown is out in early access on Steam right now, priced at £19/€20/$20.

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