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Hello Games' puzzle adventure The Last Campfire launches tomorrow

The flame is finally ready

Here's a surprise treat for the fellow puzzle adventure fans. Hello Games have announced that their adorable game The Last Campfire will launch tomorrow, August 27th. I'm always ready for a cute little adventure full of color, so I'm quite ready to try out the much smaller next game from the folks who did No Man's Sky.

In a new trailer with commentary from founder Sean Murray, Hello Games give a last look at The Last Campfire and its protagonist Ember before launch day. It may look cute, but Campfire is a bit grim as well, with darkness and death amidst the charming color palette.

"At its heart, this is a game of exploration in a world filled with puzzles" Murray says. "It's hopefully a sort of melting pot of different puzzle concepts." Indeed, you can spot a few different types in the new trailer above, though I imagine they aren't giving away the best ones until you find them yourself. There look to be hidden doors found by moving objects. There's a bit of a stealth section where Ember hides behind pillars from what look like dangerous traps.

Hello Games say that you'll choose which of the game's odd characters to help along your journey. In one bit, Ember looks to be carrying the soul or some such of a sad fisherman back to him. In another, a bird carries off a key I'm sure you'll need to retrieve. All along the way a soft-spoken narrator describes the characters Ember comes across as if in a story book.

I admit I'm an absolute sucker for a quiet, meditative puzzle exploration and I'm hoping to find that in The Last Campfire.

You can also catch the first five minutes of the game in another video from earlier this year.

The Last Campfire launches tomorrow, August 27th. For PC players it'll be over on the Epic Games Store.

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