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Hero dog saves streamer's life (in Elden Ring)

What a champ

My dog is undeniably a good boy, but he's never saved my life in a videogame. He could learn a trick or two from MissMikaa's dog, who apparently knows when to step in and move her Elden Ring character away from a fiery death.

MissMikaa is the streamer who last week simultaneously beat Elden Ring with a controller and a dance mat, which should give you some clue as to how he rendered canine assistance.

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Without further ado, here's the moment where "Yoshi" stepped up to the plate:

Yes, that is a clueless dog wandering onto a dance mat while Mikaa is AFK, walking her character behind a rock just before a dragon can fully engulf her in flame, then casting a contemptuous look at the camera because he didn't find the treats he was apparently looking for. I'm not convinced he wasn't just checking out that portrait of himself.

If you're after more pet appreciation, here's Lauren Morten's round up pets that developers have immortalised in their videogames.

Cheers for the spot, GamesRadar.

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