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Hitman 3 Dartmoor Death In The Family: who to accuse?

What to do when Alexa Carlisle asks you for your verdict in Dartmoor.

In Hitman 3’s Dartmoor level, Death In The Family, you can go around the huge estate searching for clues as to the true identity of the killer. Spoilers ahead, so be warned. In this walkthrough, we’ll explain how to get each of the accusations, and what happens when you make them. Each time, Diana will let you know when you have enough evidence to make the accusation, so here’s all the people you can accuse of the Dartmoor murder mystery in Hitman 3.
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What happens when you accuse Emma?

In order to get the evidence required to accuse Emma, you’ll need to get evidence from each easily-accessible room, including Emma’s dirty shoes and greenhouse key fob in her room, but then take a trip out to the greenhouse. Examine all the evidence in there, and you’ll have enough to accuse Emma (who, in fairness, did do the murder).

When you accuse Emma of being the killer, you start by revealing that Emma is not only Alexa’s daughter-in-law, but also her illegitimate niece. Wild. Turns out Emma is the daughter of Montgomery, Alexa’s older brother, who Alexa and Zachary killed 46 years prior. She starts denying it, but 47 smoothly gets her to let him finish. Emma’s mother, a local girl named Jane, was the fiancé of Montgomery when he died. Jane witnessed Zachary and Alexa push him off the balcony, and believed Alexa did it to steal Montgomery’s empire from his heirs.

Jane then raised Emma to reclaim what was lost, marry Alexa’s heir Gregory, avenge Montgomery, and take control of the Carlisle empire for her descendents. Emma then used Alexa’s funeral gathering to speed things up and install herself as the lady of the house, and staged Zachary’s suicide to remove all obstacles in her way. However, the fact that Alexa’s death was fake threw things for a bit of a loop.

It was the perfect crime - she had the secret passageways accessible with the dog cane, worked out the lethal dosage of poison using Zachary’s own plants, and organised everything to stage the suicide. However, unfortunately for her, Alexa was around to foil it.

Alexa then starts talking about how she did what she had to do for the future of her family, since Montgomery wasn’t as well equipped as Alexa was to take over the fortune and dynasty. ‘All heart and no balls’, according to Alexa. When she finds out she’s up next for a poisoning, Alexa says she’ll have to take care of it.

If you ask for the case file now, Alexa will give it to you, thanking you for your hard work. You can then just kill her on the balcony when her guards stop looking. If you don’t ask for the case file, check out our guide on how to unlock Alexa’s safe in Hitman 3 so you can get your hands on it.

What happens when you accuse Mr. Fernsby?

After infiltrating Mr. Fernsby’s office with a crowbar or lockpick, you’ll want to loot the entire thing. Grab the half-burnt diary from the fireplace, the list on his desk, and the poison from the windowsill. Paints a pretty suspicious picture, huh. Well, he didn’t do this murder, but he sure as hell did something naughty.

When you tell Alexa about this, she’ll be incredulous at the very thought that Fernsby would do such a thing. However, a little porky pie from 47 claiming the poison you found in his office matches that of the murder changes her tune a tad.

The notebook from the fireplace is another nice bit of incriminating evidence, since Zachary attempted to confess for Montgomery’s murder after Alexa’s supposed death. Since Fernsby was an accomplice to the coverup, it’s understandable that he’d want to kill Zachary to protect himself and Alexa Carlisle’s reputation from harm.

Alexa doesn’t seem particularly phased by this revelation. She’s actually happy with Fernsby, as she sees this as him protecting the Carlisles’ legacy. She says he understands that sacrifices must be made for stability and prosperity, and asks that your findings never leave the room. She’s pretty pleased with Fernsby’s loyalty, even though he didn’t actually do it.

If you ask her for the case file on Arthur Edwards after this, she’ll give it to you, since she doesn’t realise you’re here to kill her. Grab it from the safe and then kill her. If you ask for money, she’ll thank you and leave you be.

What happens when you claim Zachary committed suicide?

In order to unlock this ending, you have to find your way into the secret room down the hall from Emma and Gregory’s room. To get in here, you’ll need to pick up the dog cane from Emma and Gregory’s room. Don’t worry, you can’t get seen actually picking it up, but you’re allowed to carry it about. Go in the secret room and pick up the long-lost letter from Montgomery.

When you tell Alexa her brother committed suicide, she’s initially skeptical. However, 47 starts rattling off facts and evidence from his investigation, such as the fact that Zachary grew his own poisonous plants, and the fact that his room was locked from the inside. The fact that he believed Alexa was dead and couldn’t go on without her doesn’t convince Alexa, but 47 brings out some more hardcore knowledge to the fold.

The two siblings conspired and killed their older brother Montgomery almost 50 years prior, though, and you will have also found evidence that Montgomery had previously stated in a long-lost letter that he wished to cede the Carlisle fortune to Alexa, rather than keep it for himself.

This means everything would’ve happened the way Alexa wanted without murdering her brother. Oops.

She’s pretty shaken up by this revelation. She needs a minute to gather herself, and asks what your reward is. If you ask for money, she’ll dejectedly tell you that there’s probably very little chance you get paid, because everything has crumbled beneath her and her standing is all gone. Devastating. If you ask for the case file, she accepts her incoming death, understanding she’s lost. Her final request is to make Edwards suffer, and she jumps off her balcony to her death. Don’t worry, it counts as 47’s kill.

That’s all for our Dartmoor endings guide! If you’re struggling to open the safe afterwards, check out our guide on how to solve Alexa’s safe puzzle, and if you need help on acquiring admin privileges in the Dubai server room, there’s a page for that too.

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