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Hitman 3 Dartmoor safe code: how to unlock Alexa Carlisle's safe and get the case file

Here's how to crack the safe in Alexa's office

There's plenty to see and murder in the Dartmoor mission of Hitman 3, as Agent 47 dons his thinking cap and tries to solve a locked-room mystery. As usual, there are quite a few obstacles to overcome, including a locked safe hidden away in Alexa Carlisle's office. You'll need to solve a puzzle of sorts to get in, but don't worry if you can't work it out yourself. We've broken the code, and can lead you through unlocking Alexa Carlisle's safe to get the case file in the Death in the Family mission. Let's get cracking.

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Case file location

To find the Case File in the Dartmoor mission (Dearth in the Family) of Hitman 3 you'll need to head to the top floor of the mansion. You can find Alexa's office here, it's heavily guarded and faces out towards the garden. The Case File is hidden behind a portrait of a dog, you can use your instincts to highlight it on your screen. To open the secret compartment behind this portrait, look for Alexa's chair opposite it. There's a small button located on the right arm of the chair. Press it and the portrait will move.

How to infiltrate Alexa's office safely

Now that you know exactly where the case file can be found, you'll need to get into Alexa's office. The easiest way to do this is to take out one of the guards on this floor and steal their disguise. There are plenty of opportunities to do this, but be aware that there is a guard that walks in and out of the office area that can spot your disguise.

The safe code to Alexa Carlisle's safe in the Dartmoor mission of Hitman 3

Alexa's safe passcode

If you followed the steps detailed earlier in this article you'll be able to reveal the safe and the keypad that unlocks it. This safe is a little different to the other keycodes found in Hitman 3 in that it gives you a small puzzle to solve. Four symbols are displayed:

  • Clock
  • Telescope
  • Fire
  • Elk

Each of these symbols references an object in the room, and you'll find a red number near each. The first is the clock, which can be found underneath the left staircase (same side as the safe). This number is '1'. Next up is the telescope which can be found on the second level of the office, the number here is '9'. Now down to the fireplace, look inside and you'll see '7'. Finally, look up at the elk head mounted on the wall by the entrance. The final number is '5'. Enter the code '1975' to open the safe and retrieve the case file.

That's all you need to know about getting the case file in the Dartmoor mission in Hitman 3. For more on the game be sure to check out our full Dubai mission walkthrough. Elsewhere there's our Hitman 3 review.

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