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Hitman 3 server room: how to acquire admin privileges

'Acquire admin privileges' is a pretty vague instruction.

In the Dubai mission in Hitman 3, you might need to go into the server room in order to rearrange the meetings of your targets and get them alone in a room. However, a bit of the mission I got stuck on is the part where you have to acquire admin privileges in the server room. Here’s how to acquire admin privileges during the How The Mighty Fall mission.

How to acquire admin privileges in Dubai server room

In order to acquire admin privileges and advance the mission, you’ll need to first complete the quest up to that point. For more advice on that, check out our step-by-step Hitman 3 Dubai walkthrough. Once you’ve got to the server room area, Grey will tell you he has no idea what’s going on and tell you to pull out one of the server racks. It doesn’t matter which one you pull, because you’ll be told to ‘HIDE!’ as soon as you pull it.

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Where to get the server room keycard

You’ll need to grab a keycard to get into the server room admin system. Here’s how to get it:

  • Exit the server room through the door facing the balcony.
  • Walk past the worker facing away from you - she’ll recognise you if you let her spot you.
  • The maintenance worker just past her looking out over the balcony will have a key. Smash his head in and pop him into the locker, then pick up the keycard.

Acquire Admin Privileges

Here’s where a lot of people get stuck after scanning the keycard. Have a look at each of the four server racks you can pull. One of them will have yellow text above it, unlike the green text above the other ones. Pull the one with the yellow text (check out the comparison below).

Two server racks in Hitman 3's Dubai server room. The right hand one has yellow text, the left green.
The one on the right is the server rack you should pull, but it'll be a different one each time you try.

Pull out the unique specific server rack and continue on with the mission by editing the meeting times. Head to the terminal in the middle of the room for that. You can also disable security cameras, open up elevator shafts, and dump gold bars in the atrium here if you're feeling cheeky.

That’s all for our walkthrough on how to acquire admin privileges in the server room! It’s a bit of a weird one, but easy once you know what you’re doing. While you’re here, check out more of our Hitman 3 pages, including Alice’s Hitman 3 murder hijinks and our Hitman 3 review.

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