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Hitman 3 Dartmoor: Voyeurism challenge not working, how to fix

How to fix the Voyeurism challenge.

One of Hitman 3’s Dartmoor challenges is Voyeurism, which tasks you with taking a photo of the flirting employees. Some people have had a couple issues with this challenge, so here’s our guide to how to complete the Voyeurism challenge in Hitman 3

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Voyeurism mission guide - how to complete

I had an issue with the Voyeurism challenge too. In order to complete the challenge, you have to ’Take a photo of flirting employees’. These two can only be found on Level 1 of the mansion, up the stairs from the ground floor. You can find them in the corridor outside Emma and Gregory’s room, flirting by the mirror.

However, if the employees see you before you can get a photo, the challenge will not work. Instead, you’ll want to enter the room from ‘below’ - that is from the library room with the mysterious switch in it. As soon as you enter the room with the flirting employees in it, they’ll get embarrassed and leave, so zoom in and take the photo from the position on the map below.

The map location for the Voyeurism challenge in Hitman 3. The player is facing upwards on the map, towards Emma and Gregory's room, but doesn't enter the room with the florting employees.

Don’t get to this position by going through the room either - the two aren’t going to return until you reload.

Once you have a good zoom in of the flirting pair, snap that shot and be gone. The challenge should be completed and you should earn 1000XP for Dartmoor.

That’s all for our Voyeurism guide! It’s a fiddly mission, but one you just need to think a bit about. Why not try something a bit sneakier next? We have a guide for all sorts of Hitman goodness, from all the keypad combinations in Hitman 3 to a full walkthrough of the Dubai level. Knock yourself out.

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