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Hitman 3 reveals all six of its locations

Agent 47's travel itinerary incoming

Hitman 3 is nearly here to bring you more adventures in deadly dressup with Ian Hitman himself. Ah but what will you be dressing up as while you seek out your targets and stash their friends in closets? You might be able to take some guesses as Io Interactive have now revealed the remainder of the locations you'll be visiting when the stealth adventure sneaks out later this month.

If you've been keeping up with details about murder man's next game, you may recall that Io have already introduced Chongqing, Dubai, and Dartmoor as three of the stops along the trip. They've now unveiled all six, announcing plans to take Agent 47 to Germany, Argentina, and Romania as well. That last one they say will be the epilogue of the game set in the Carpathian Mountains.

"Each location has been crafted to deliver a unique and memorable gameplay experience, from the game’s first mission at the tallest building in the world through to the dramatic epilogue that concludes the trilogy in style with a narrative-focused finale," they say.

Alice Bee got her hands on the first two stages set in Dubai and Dartmoor, saying that the murder mystery level in the UK was the most fun she's had playing Hitman. "Masquerading as Ian H Man, definitely a private detective, is so much fun that I disappeared into the role and forgot I was supposed to be doing a whole other thing," she says of the Agatha Christie-ish detective chapter.

Io have also mentioned that they've scrunched the entire trilogy into 100GB of space.

Hitman 3 is launching on January 20th over on the Epic Games Store.

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