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Hitman's Launch Trailer Offers Sense Of Scale

Death and disguises

When the episodic new Hitman [official site] releases its first slice next week, we'll get the chance to mess around in its prologue and Paris missions. Square Enix have now released its launch trailer which shows off bits of both, while also visiting large sections of the game's upcoming Sapienza and Marrakesh sandbox playgrounds that're due in April and May respectively. Come have a gander below.

Not the most inspiring launch trailer I've ever seen, but the size of the levels on show there is impressive nevertheless. After Absolution's somewhat stifling linear design, the new Hitman will focus on experimentation within its murdergrounds - more like the Hitmans of old - thus scale is naturally important this time round. Adam admired this in his recent hands-on, however was equally frustrated with how scripted many of its set-pieces felt and how poorly the AI reacted to his actions. Now fully-episodic, though, Hitman is likely to change over time thus these issues will hopefully be ironed out in due course.

Another point worth noting regarding Hitman's imminent episodic release, is the fact it'll debut on the same day as stealth 'em up genre cousin Alekhine's Gun. Once known as Death To Spies 3, Alekhine's Gun adopts similar themes of brutal assassination, multiple disguises and superlative sleuthing housed within a host of open levels. There aren't an inordinate amount of stealth games on the market these days - although Shadwen is certainly one to look out for in future - therefore it's nice to see the bald butcher face some competition.

Anyway, Hitman's first episode is due for release next Friday, March 11.

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