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What A Life! Hitman Cinematic Recaps 20 Murderyears

The places he's gone, the people he's killed!

The episodic new Hitman [official site] is starting in March, and here today is the game's opening cinematic showing what Hitman (that's his name, the game's named after him) did with 20 years of his life. Some life montages might include moments like scaling a mountain and standing proud before the dawn, giggling and flirting on a date, moving in with your sweetie, the birth of the first child, tattooing a barcode on the back of your sprog's head, their first steps, teaching them to ride a bike, receiving those devastating medical results, holding hands in hospital as your beloved ebbs away... no, Hitman hasn't done any of that. He's murdered a load of people with cool murdertoys.

Hitman has a prologue mission which shows how Hitman first met his murderfriends and murderboss, see, then jumps to twenty years later - after the events of previous Hitman games. This here is the opening cinematic, recapping what he got up between those two sections of the game. See if you recognise bits from Codename: 47 and Blood Money and whatnot:

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That cinematic does not at all capture my experiences of playing those Hitman games. Where's Hitman running away, doing laps around levels hoping to lose people? Why is he not sauntering into a secured area then shouting "OH FUCK!" as he realises he's forgotten to put his gun away in his pocket? I'll never be half the hitman Hitman is.

Anyway, Hitman is starting on March 11th, then sprawling out in an episodic, games-as-service-y fashion. Adam recently played a preview version and was not wholly impressed with the initial offering but hey, the game will grow and change over time.

Oh, and if you want streamlined murderfun, Hitman Go: Definitive Edition hit PC yesterday.

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