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How to fix Starfield early access not working

If Starfield early access isn't working, learn how to fix it right here

Starfield image showing Supervisor Lin and Heller in a mine, staring at the player.
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Wondering why Starfield early access isn't working? Starfield early access is now live for those with the Digital Premium Edition, but some are reporting that there are issues getting it to launch. If your Starfield early access is not working, then fortunately there is a quick fix that you can use to start playing straight away and take off for your adventure among the stars.

In this guide, we'll break down how to fix Starfield early access not working, with an easy fix that should help you stop wasting time and start playing Bethesda's latest singleplayer RPG.

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How to fix Starfield early access not working

The fix for Starfield early access not working depends on your platform, as there are reportedly two separate issues that have caused Starfield early access to not work: One issue on PC and one on Xbox Series X|S.

On PC, the common issue is that the "Play" button on Steam is greyed out, and adjacent text reads "Coming Sep 6, 2023". To fix Starfield early access not working on PC, you must do the following:

  1. Make sure Starfield has finished downloading and wait for it to unpack the files.
  2. Completely shut down Steam (kill it in Task Manager if needed).
  3. Load Steam up and head to your library.

Rebooting Steam should be enough to fix this issue on PC, allowing you to blast off into space.

On Xbox Series X|S, the issue seems to be a little more confusing. Upon trying to boot Starfield, you may be met with the message "You're too early". Unfortunately, the fix for this is less consistent, as many players are reporting that simply continuing to try to launch Starfield eventually granted them access.

If that isn't working, head to your downloads page and find the Starfield Digital Premium Edition tile in the Completed Downloads list. If you try launching the game from there, rather than your Xbox homepage, it seems to have a higher chance of successfully booting the game.

If you're getting this issue after purchasing the Starfield Digital Premium Upgrade to play early through Xbox Game Pass, then try heading to the Purchases page on your Xbox account. From there, search for the Upgrade and make sure that it is downloaded. If it is not, prompt the download and then you should be able to start playing.

The Xbox issues seem to be more likely tied to store servers, so it's likely these will simply peter down over time.

That wraps up our guide on how to fix Starfield early access not working. Once you're in, take a look at our guides on how to get the boost pack and how to fast travel in Starfield. We can also help you get your first ship, and we also have a list of the best builds in Starfield.

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