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This free adventure game is a 1920s masquerade mystery on a train

The party has left the station

If you fancy a point-and-click 'em up adventure, hop on. If On A Winter's Night, Four Travelers is a mysterious four-act story set at a 1920s masquerade that's just left the station. It's set on a train, you see, and it launched today. You can even pick it up for free.

The story follows four different characters at a masquerade ball aboard a train. Each act has an appropriately mysterious name such as "The Slow Vanishing Of Lady Winterbourne" or "The Nameless Ritual". You can spot a bit of the unsettling crepiness in the launch trailer right here.

There's definitely something sinister afoot, from skeletons in suits to rituals by candlelight. It sounds as though all four of these protagonists are up to something questionable.

For instance, "Harassed, ridiculed and belittled by his peers, Dr. Jordan Samuels has resorted to the occult sciences in a desperate attempt to turn the tables on his tormentors," Dead Idle Games say. "But is he truly ready to face the Guardian of the Threshold?" I'm going to take a guess and say he's not ready, no.

I know some folks have grown weary of the pixel art style but I've still never tired of it. Four Travelers has a lovely look to it, especially some of those nighttime scenes in the trailer that show off the contrast between the lit train and the snowy landscape outside. Look at those ornate rugs, too.

You can hop on for a ride with If On A Winter's Night, Four Travelers over on Itch where it's free to download.

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