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In Katamari Damacy creator’s charming next game, T-posing is a feature, not a bug

The perfect shape!

To a T hero Teen and their dog attempt to change pyjamas
Image credit: uvula/Annapurna Interactive

Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi has unveiled his next game - and it’s about as charmingly offbeat as you’d expect.

To a T is an episodic adventure game in which players control Teen, a teenager who is permanently stuck in a T-pose. In other words, they can’t move their arms from being fully outstretched at both sides.

Teen’s difficulty in performing everyday tasks - from getting dressed to going to the bathroom - due to being stuck in the shape often associated with amusing video game bugs will be explored through various minigames set across multiple days, as players attempt to brush their teeth, pet Teen’s cute dog, eat breakfast and more. You'll also be able to venture around the local town, meet characters, collect coins and buy new clothes to dress Teen in to your liking.

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While To a T’s quirky premise, bright palette and the catchy theme tune of its musical trailer speak to its lighthearted nature, there’s a deeper message nestled underneath watching Teen spin fast enough with their arms outstretched to take off into the air (dodging UFOs as they go).

As well as everyday difficulties, Teen will encounter bullying due to their unusual shape, with Takahashi’s indie studio uvula having worked with disability gaming charity AbleGamers on ensuring that the depiction of living with mobility challenges is handled with care and sensitivity, as well as being accessible to players.

To a T protagonist Teen and their dog are caught in the bathroom by someone bursting through the door
Image credit: uvula/Annapurna Interactive

The result looks to be a heartwarming tale of exploration that also features the kind of oddball whimsy you’d expect from a Takahashi game, from what look like bartending giraffes to someone exclaiming “Are you two doing that again??” as they burst in on Teen and their dog squeezing toothpaste onto the bathroom sink.

“You are the perfect shape. We are the perfect shape,” the trailer revealed at the recent Annapurna Interactive Showcase sings.

To a T will be headed to Steam and Game Pass, with a release date yet to be announced. Check out the rest of the games announced during Annapurna’s showcase in Katharine’s roundup.

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