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NecroDancer devs go city-building in Industries of Titan

This looks ace!

The studio behind groovy dungeon crawler Crypt of the Necrodancer have announced their next game, and it is very much not what I'd expect. Industries of Titan [official site] blasts off to the Saturnian moon to build cities, build factories, build an economy, and maybe build warships to deal with rivals in extremely hostile takeovers. Yup, it's a city-building economy-o-strat-a-war 'em up sort of doodad, and hot dang its industrial cities look ace. Have a peek in the announcement trailer:

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I had no idea how much I want a grimy industry-focused city-builder with airborne warfare. A lot, turns out.

Given how many moving parts it has, I'll slam the feature list from developers Brace Yourself Games into your eyes:

  • Design your city and grow it from just a few small buildings into a massive metropolis!
  • Set up production lines inside your factories to turn raw resources into ever more powerful devices and buildings
  • Balance the needs of your workers, your factories, and your buildings to produce a powerful, efficient economy
  • Design the interiors of your battleships by strategically placing weapons, shields, thrusters, and more, to reduce weak points and maximize fighting capability
  • Overcome your enemies via tactical battleship combat, technological superiority, political influence, or the sheer productive power of your factories
  • Gameplay is "real-time with pause" -- play at your preferred pace!

This sounds ace. Oh, and it has music from Danny Baranowsky.

What Brace Yourself don't say, sadly, is when they plan to release Industries of Titan.

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