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Slick sci-fi city builder Industries Of Titan blade runs out of early access on Jan 31st

After 3 years of updates

Crap, it's an attack ship on fire off the shoulder of... no wait, it's the upcoming full release of Blade Runner-inspired city builder Industries of Titan, from Crypt Of The Necromancer developers Brace Yourself Games. They've announced Titan will be out for realsies on January 31st, when it will unshackle itself from its early access chains while forcing thousands more workers into indentured labour.

It's more than just a slick sci-fi city builder, boasting battleship combat and the ability to tinker with what goes on inside your buildings.

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You play as the head corpo-scum of a new city on Titan, Saturn's best and largest moon, and grow your city by unearthing tech and construction materials from ancient ruins - while fending off attacks from rebels and rival corporations.

It's an attractive setting, but Titan's real standout feature is letting you zoom in on your buildings to optimise their innards. It reminded Steve Hogarty "of that lovely moment in SpaceChem when you first start to thread your factories together, graduating from building a single efficient machine to using that same machine as a cog in something even larger".

You can read more thoughts and extended gross pollution imagery in Hogarty's Titans Of Industry early access review, but note that the game's come a long way since then. The combat is more involved, buildings are more numerous, and - as of November - the campaign exists.

Brace Yourself Games haven't said what newness, if any, will be added in the full release.

You can buy Industries Of Titan for £23/$30/€28 on Steam or the Epic Games Store. The devs say the price will stay the same after it leaves early access.

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