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Intrusion 2 Trailer Fires Lighting Guns, Riding Wolves

Are games art? Can we authentically depict emotion in a virtual space? What is the meaning of Tetris? Can we read authenticity into the actions of Master Chief? If a tree falls in a forest and no one's around to hear it, is it the Citizen Kane of games? Intrusion 2 attempts to answer precisely none of these important questions. Instead, it's a Metal-Slug-esque sidescroller, but with gorgeous physics-based animations and an oddly understated love of over-the-top insanity. Like, sure, there's prominent trailer time given to dire wolf lightning gun jousting, but it's all so gloriously matter-of-fact. Also featured: grappling robots, chimeras with swords for tails, and a giant mech snacking on a steel bridge like it's corn on the very brittlest of cobs. There's an old demo on the game's website if you're interested, but it hardly even gazes into the abyss of gleeful absurdity the new trailer so thoroughly plumbs. Find it after the break.

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According to developer Vapgames, "everything concerning gameplay is ready," so Intrusion 2 should be available soon. And even though the demo's roughly a-year-and-a-half old, it's surprisingly robust, which has me feeling pretty optimistic about the full game. Little details, especially, abound, with snowballs increasing in size as I pushed them and boulders toppling (sometimes on top of enemies) when nudged in the right direction. Shooting, meanwhile, felt nicely meaty, and ragdoll jetpack men who buzz face-first into trees like bugs in a bug zapper never failed to amuse.

Also, bonus points to the game for describing itself as "an action platformer with lots of physics." I look forward to meticulously tabulating just how many physics there are when the final game Rambo-charges into our lives any day now.

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