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Invisible players are ruining Call Of Duty: Warzone

Never saw 'em coming...

The new season in Call Of Duty: Warzone has got off to a rough start, with the novelty of a new map and weapons being counterbalanced by a nightmarish bug which lets players run round fully invisible, killing with impunity. Presumably that'll be a high-priority one to fix but right now, oof, it's rough out there in the Warzone.

Update: The Attack Helicopters which enabled this exploit have been temporarily disabled until it's fixed.

The invisibility glitch is reportedly achieved by doing something funky with the new Attack Helicopters added in the Season One update. I'll not go into detail but yeah, it's something pretty easy to enable. Some people have reported that invisible people are immune to many forms of damage, though I do know they can be killed in some ways. The Warzone forum on Reddit is today full of folks unhappy with this.

Warning: sometimes these videos autoplay, sometimes they don't, it is a mystery.

Some cheaters favour necksnaps, because they're even stealthier than just being invisible.

This is beyond ridiculous.
by u/AverageSizedCanoe in CODWarzone

But the gits can also just shoot you.

What is this nonsense? This game has really become a joke.
by in CODWarzone

I like this player who did their level best to deal with the invisible wank by shooting wildly and throwing grenades, a valiant effort.

I just came in 2nd with 20 kills to an invisible guy...... come on infinity ward get it together.
by in CODWarzone

Though this squad hit on a solution in their final circle: hop in a car and just drive around, squishing the gits who are trying to snap your pal's neck.

This is how you beat the invisible cheaters (clip of the strat working)
by u/TotallyHeroes in CODWarzone

And while I'm not much one for memes, I did laugh like a drain at this calling on The Boys:

Warzone feels today
by u/erxor_reddit in CODWarzone

It's unfortunate that this comes so soon after Warzone was mucked up by another exploit, which let players get so very many Juggernaut suits. That may be fixed now, but here are the invisible gits.

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