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Jazzpunk gets Director’s Cut and Flavour Nexus DLC

Jazzed up

Comedy espionage caper Jazzpunk [official site] has had its entrails extracted, altered, and re-inserted into its codey cadaver. By that I mean it has become Jazzpunk: Director’s Cut, gaining “an extended local multiplayer mode and a ton of additional story/joke content not found in the original game”, say developers Necrophone Games. There’s also a new piece of DLC, Jazzpunk: Flavour Nexus, which inserts special agent Polyblank into a supermarket to discover a hidden flavour, newly invented by scientists.

There’s no official changelog to see exactly what’s been added in the Director's Cut, but some users are collecting their findings so I am going to steal those. Among them, the Japan level is greatly expanded, they say, “including new sublevels and side quests”. There are “more timely newspapers”. And: “the girl robot in the first stage was changed. When given a quarter, instead of her lovely little animation, she instead slaps you with a fish.”

As it should be.

As for the DLC, it was scheduled to be released on Friday but still isn’t available to buy at time of cyberprint. It looks, more or less, like a single new level for our gag-addicted protagonist to wander around.

Flavour Scientists have been working tirelessly to uncover the Long Lost Tastebud! Somewhere in the human tongue exists a flavour no man, realplicant, or wombat has ever experienced! As Deep-Fried Agent Polyblank, you'll sizzle onto the scene, scarfing every clue, gadget, and classified document you can get your moistened mandibles around!

If you’ve played the PlayStation version, however, you’ll have seen all this newly-added stuff before. It was exclusive to Sonyfolk for the past eight months, say Necrophone, the traitors (you can see a trailer for the PSN version of the whole shebazz right here).

The original was much-liked by Adam in 2014, who called it “a game of punchlines. Like many rapid-fire sketch shows, Jazzpunk hoses the wall with humour and leaves the viewer to see what sticks, while the rest becomes a sort of mulch underfoot.” So if you haven't been hosed down yet, now might be the time.

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