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Just Cause 3 Is On A Mission For Demolition

New On A Mission trailer has 'splosions galore

I've hardly moved from behind my desk this week, but I just cannot get enough of flying. To my delight this afternoon ushers in more of the same courtesy of Just Cause 3 [official site] as it propels us head-first into its latest trailer, dubbed 'On A Mission', in all its wingsuit-wearing, parachute-popping, South-American dictator-detracting glory. There's tanks, flash cars, ridiculous physics, and about a gazillion 'splosions. Business as usual, then.

Duck inside to see Rico in standard death-defying action.

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"Every action must and will incur a terrible reaction," says Nico's latest nemesis General Sebastian Di Ravello - dictator, general of the Republic of Medici, and prevailing stereotype figure. Now I'm no academic, but I think sounds like a pretty self-serving take on Newton's Third Law. Perhaps teachings are different in Just Cause's incessantly cataclysmic universe because, well, just 'cause. One quick glance back over the series' nine-year lifespan would certainly attest to such a suggestion.

Anyway, the On A Mission trailer has been teased in time for the New York Comic Con which starts tomorrow. Apparently, the footage shown here is supposed to illustrate how the game's "sandbox gameplay flows into missions" but with all the over-zealous flashes, bangs, and wallops I found it tough making this distinction. Maybe I was too taken with all the wingsuiting. Which looks inherently cool.

Just Cause 3 is due December 1st.

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