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KarmaZoo is a co-op platformer for up to 10 strangers

Or friends, but who has those

Most co-operative platformers are for two players and an optimal experience normally involves both being sat side by side on a couch. Not so in KarmaZoo. It's a co-op platformer designed to be played by "up to 10 random players around the world" in which the levels adapt to the size of your team and any helpful action you perform earns 'Karma' with which to unlock new characters.

It's coming in 2023, published by Devolver, and there's an announcement trailer below:

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Every character you can play as - 50 in total and all flat-colour animals or objects, by the looks of it - has a particular ability that can be used to help your team. Or, failing all else, you can leap into spikes to leave behind a helpful tombstone for your comrades to stand upon.

KarmaZoo also contains a competitive local multiplayer mode for up to 8 players in which everyone competes in "frantic quick-fire mini games" using the same abilities from the co-op mode.

Making co-operative play work between strangers is tough, but I'm interested in any game that's brave enough to try. I particularly like that you can be useful even if you're terrible at platforming challenges and keep dying.

KarmaZoo is aiming to release sometime in 2023.

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