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KeyWe is an adorable co-op puzzler about two tiny postmasters

Two birds weighing less than one stone

Is it still snail mail when kiwi birds run the post office? KeyWe is a co-op puzzle platformer about a pair of diminutive, flightless birds (named Jeff and Debra) that are, somehow, the postmasters of Bungalow Basin. It's their job to correctly stamp letters, route parcels and transcribe vital telegrams. It would probably help if they weren't working in a human-sized office, but that would make a less entertaining game. KeyWe is being developed by Stonewheat & Sons, and has no release date yet. Below, an adorably fluffy gameplay trailer that melted my heart.

The trailer below shows us the first of three seasons the game is set across. The summer chapter features a variety of challenges, including powerful monsoons, which you need to send emergency telegrams about. The typing looks like the most complex part of the game, with the two tiny birds scurrying across the tables for the right key to press. Of course, they're not barbarians (birdbarians?), so they make sure to use proper capitalisation, requiring one player to hold down the shift key while the other taps the letter. If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing right.

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Apparently they offer a wide variety of services at this rustic little post office, including the sending of anonymous messages. I just can't help but fall in love at the sight of two tiny birds assembling threatening letters out of newspaper cuttings for pressing, sealing and posting. My only concern is that KeyWe is going to be quite demanding, requiring two players well in sync. I can imagine it would be theoretically playable solo using one bird mapped to each analogue stick, but that's just speculation. There's no question that KeyWe is a co-op game, and one that I want to get my hands on soon.

There's no release date for KeyWe yet, but you can see a bit more of the game on its official page here and the developer's twitter feed here.

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