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Killing Floor 2 update adds new maps and weapons

Do the monster mash!

New maps, new weapons, and a new "sub-mode" have arrived in Killing Floor 2 [official site] with today's free content update, The Descent. That weapon ↑ up there? Dual flaregun revolvers. While the co-op wave survival FPS officially left early access and launched in November -- read Wot Fraser Brown Thought -- developers Tripwire Interactive have kept on adding bits, as they did with the first game. Here, have a look at these new murdertoys:

Those new revolve-o-flareguns are the Spitfires and the machine gun is the Stoner 63a LMG. The Spitfires look way more fun to me but, unlike in many games where LMGs are kinda boring, I'm digging the idea of mowing down zillions of zeds with that Stoner too.

Yer new maps a Nuked, made by a Killing Floor 2 community member, and Descent. The latter is the one which introduces Holdout, the new survival "sub-mode" which shunts players around to different locations each wave rather than sticking them in the same murderground. I've not played Descent myself yet but in theory it sounds interesting. Even with each round being a slow journey towards the trader's next spawn point, rounds sometimes could feel same-y as players would gravitate towards spots where they felt comfortable.

I've not played Killing Floor 2 since its early access days, mind; perhaps I'll return after just a bit more Nier: Automata (which, apparently, I'm talking about everywhere this week). Tripwire also released another big content update in January while my back was turned. If you're curious too, Killing Floor 2 will be free to play in full this weekend and half-price too. That'll start at 10am PST on Thursday, March 23rd.

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