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Killing Floor 2 Gets Workshop, Announces PvP Mode

Killing-The-Dream Floor

There are some things in life from which you can never go back. Like having all the player characters in Killing Floor be anime girls. No, really. I am not ashamed.

Killing Floor 2 [Official site] has just received an update, integrating Steam Workshop support, but it looks like their new microtransaction-based business model may interfere with my anime dream. Tripwire also announced a new 6v6 PvP mode that will see a team of players take control of the Zeds.

But really, what's the point, if we can't even have an epic anime vs zombies fight?

Killing Floor 2, in case you haven't heard, is an arena shooter in which teams of 6 players face waves of zombies of increasing difficulty. It's hard, it's filled with gore and you will probably either find it extremely repetitive or spend hundreds of hours on it. It's still in Early Access and while it is largely playable, it's missing a few bits and pieces, like the Sharpshooter class. It just got its iconic final boss, The Patriarch, back in December.

The update that went live on March 10th brought Steam Workshop integration: people can submit cosmetic items, maps, game modes and other mods. Maps and modes can be downloaded and played directly by players, either solo or by hosting a game themselves. If you're a player joining a server using mods, you'll automatically download everything you need upon joining.

On the other hand, cosmetic items are being submitted for curation. Tripwire will be selecting the best ones to become part of their TF2-style economy, dropping from crates or being purchasable for real money, a percentage of which will go to the mod creators. So, it's not quite as free as the KF1 workshop was, but rather follows the CS:GO model.

As for the new 6v6 game mode, "VS Survival", there is no release date and not much information aside from the announcement that they are working on it, but it sounds very much inspired by Left 4 Dead's versus mode. (Another game that gloriously allows you to turn everyone into anime characters.) There will be 11 different controllable zombies, with unique attacks and all, and if the humans manage to survive long enough, even the Patriarch will be controlled by a player.

Killing Floor 2 is on Steam Early Access, for £19.99/$29.99/€26.99

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