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Kojima Productions are teasing their next project

Stranding some hints together

Death Stranding is launching on PC in a couple weeks so of course Hideo Kojma is all over Twitter talking about planning Kojima Productions' next game. Not-so-subtly placed references to Death Stranding could hint at a sequel. Or they could mean nothing. You know how it goes with creators being vague on social media.

As one does, Kojima has been tweeting about working on the company's next project with some subtle and some absolutely obvious allusions to Death Stranding.

He explains the process of working with Kojima Productions' art director Yoji Shinkawa, saying "1st we discuss the setting for each character, the background, the world, the color, the characteristics, the roles, the images, ideas and keyword."

Included is an image of a workstation with a Bridge Baby figurine. Well, either that means something, or the entire KP office is swimming in Death Stranding merchandise in such quantities that it can't help invading their desks. Nothing to see here, they're just drowning in tiny BBs.

In another tweet, Kojima says he and Shinkawa are working on concept art and designs. Another features Kojima's music selection conveniently posed half-covering an illustration of what looks like a space ship. Ah, but not just any space ship. If you squint, you can see it has "Bridges" written on the side. I hear from the folks who've have played Death Stranding already that's an important name in the mailman apocalypse simulation.

One thing we can say for sure is that Kojima Productions haven't just decided to take some giant collective office nap in the wake of Death Stranding's release. To absolutely no one's surprise, they are working on another project.

In the past, Kojima has told Vulture that a hypothetical Death Stranding sequel would "start from zero." He's also been awakening his horror soul. Most recently, one of Kojima Productions' major projects was cancelled.

As for the current Death Stranding, you'll find that on Steam and the Epic Games Store starting on July 14th where it will sell for £55/€60/$60.

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