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Konami's new roguelike metroidvania has an amazing art style

I mean, look at it

Konami unveiled GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon during Nintendo's Indie World Showcase last night. It's a 2D roguelike hack-and-slasher, and an unlikely follow-up to GetsuFumaDen, a Japan-only Famicom game from 1987. Plus, it sports this traditional Japanese art style which I can't get enough of.

Indie studio GuruGuru worked with Konami to develop this 2D "roguevania" as they call it. What this means is that you'll be thrust into an underworld blighted by demons, do some fighting, lots of exploring, and get your arse handed to you often. It looks fantastic too, with this Ukiyo-e art style that just pops.

Here's a look at GetsuFumaDen in action:

Not only does the Ukiyo-e art style lend fights major style points, it's the background details which catch my eye too. That flaming hellscape at the 46 second mark with all the demons hanging out by their literal blood bath, and that Ryokotsuki skull monster? Get out of here, it just looks so sleek.

GetsuFumaDen is due to launch on Steam Early Access on May 13th for £20/$25/€25. Those who buy this version of the game will also get a port of the original Famicom GetsuFumaDen as a bonus, alongside a digital artbook and soundtrack. How lovely.

GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon's roadmap, which shows off a new upcoming character and other future plans.

According to GetsuFumaDen's early access roadmap, the plan is for a new playable character to arrive in June, alongside adjustments and improvements. In August a new stage is due to be announced, and past that, the devs hope to add more modes, stages, weapons, and the like. Konami don't say how long they expect the early access period to last, though they do note that the game is due to launch on Nintendo Switch in 2022 so presumably by then.

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