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Listen to the screams of the man who voiced the angry chest in Sea Of Thieves


This week, Sea Of Thieves introduced some very angry treasure chests - appropriately named Chests Of Rage. These chests are pretty needy, if you don't pay attention to them they blow up, engulfing everything around them in fire, and letting out a hearty scream as they do so. As it turns out, that scream is the voice of none-other than the game's award-winning composer, Robin Beanland, and he's treated us Sea Of Thieves fans to a lovely video of one of his recording sessions.

It's literally just a recording of a dude yelling his head off.

If for any reason you've decided not to watch this with sound on, here's a quick snippet of what you're missing out on:






"Did that go squeaky?"

"Evidence of actual nicest man on Earth @TheRealBeano sounding angry! Or pretending to be a little miffed, at least," Rare tweeted. "We imagine he was channelling the rage he'd feel should someone steal his last @BorderBiscuits Dark Chocolate Ginger (his favourite available biscuit #RobinFacts)."

These angry chests are all part of the free Crews Of Rage update Sea Of Thieves got this week - so if you fancy hearing Beanland screaming as an upset box, all you need to do is find one in-game.

Watch on YouTube

There's other cool new things too, like the ability to change your character's appearance, and my personal favourite new addition, the colourful Viva Pinata ship livery.

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