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Sea Of Thieves' new flaming chests are live in today's update

This hull is on fire

Sea Of Thieves' monthly content update has dropped anchor and it's a hot one. We already got a look at some of the changes from Rare's Crews Of Rage preview and now it's all officially live. There are hot potato chests that explode, sizzling skeletons, and a lot of other stuff that's too hot to handle.

As we learned last week, this month's update is adding the Chest Of Rage. Like other cursed chests, you'll want to keep an eye on it. The thing throws a proper tantrum if you leave it unattended, heating up to glowing hot until it discharges a ring of fire that will set your ship ablaze. To help the livid trunk keep its cool, you'll need to get a bucket of water and splash it on the regular. Don't leave it in standing water though or the Chest Of Rage will boil your toes when you go to check on it.

To start hunting for these horrid chests, Rare say you'll pick up a bounty from Duke in any of Sea Of Thieves' taverns. You'll skip off to the very warm Devil's Roar to pick up a cursed Chest Of Rage and then take it with you to use it on the offensive against skeleton crews. The skellies native to Devil's Roar are now turning into Ashen Skeletons and the Molten Sands Fortress is apparently looking ready to blow.

The other big addition, in my humble opinion, is the ability to change your pirate's appearance. Since launch, I've been jealous of other folks' faces even though I spent at least 30 minutes scrolling through potential pirates when I created my character. You can buy the Pirate Appearance Potion with Sea Of Thieves' premium currency (Ancient Coins) in the in game cosmetics store. There's also a Viva Piñata-themed ship skin. It is super gaudy and silly but I admit I'm kinda into it.

You can get the rest of the low-down on the Crews Of Rage update (and pictures of the other added cosmetic items) on Rare's website.

You can grab Sea Of Thieves from the Microsoft Store but it’s also included in the Xbox Game Pass for PC. Microsoft just added a bunch of other new Game Pass games for February and is still letting you grab your first month of the subscription service for £1/$1.

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