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Little Kitty, Big City looks like the adorable cat game I crave

Catnip, you might say

Wholesome Games held a new showcase of indie games this evening, and the pick of the litter was Little Kitty, Big City. It's a game about exploring a (big) city as a (little) kitty, and generally doing cat things. Watch the trailer below.

This is pure delight:

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The fur! The animation! The hats! I love the whole thing, but in particular I love that it's seemingly a game in which you're a cat who behaves like a cat. I lamented when writing about Stray earlier this year, another third-person meower, that it seemed less about being a cat than about being a cat with a gun who is trapped inside a Tomb Raider game.

By contrast, the Little Kitty, Big City trailer is wall to wall cat things. I dearly want to prat about as a feline should, knocking objects off walls, squeezing into places where I don't belong, wearing funny hats, and pouncing at birds.

LKBC is the debut game from Double Dagger, a new studio formed by Valve veteran Matt T. Wood. It's also being worked on by Pip! If you're new here, Pip is Philippa Warr (RPS in peace), who previously wrote puzzler A Monster's Expedition and - disclosure - previously worked for RPS. There's not a lot of other information about the project at this stage, although it's up on Steam with no predicted release date.

While Little Kitty was my favourite of the bunch, there were a bunch of lovely-looking games during the Wholesome Snack broadcast. You can watch the entire stream here:

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