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Loco Motive is a new point and click murder mystery from Chucklefish

And now I have a Kylie Minogue song stuck in my head

It's not often those Nintendo Directs have PC-related news for us, but today's announceathon had a little treat. Loco Motive is a train-based detective game published by Chucklefish (who also pubbed Stardew Valley and Starmancer), and is the debut game from developers Robust Games. There's been a murder! And it's your job to figure out who committed the crime. Classic whodunnit stuff that we'll get to play next summer.

Set on a 1930s steam train, Loco Motive will let you take control of three different playable characters - a lawyer, an amateur detective and an undercover agent - as you try to figure out who has killed a fellow passenger. Oh, but also all those characters are suspects too.

Katharine sez: "The investigators being suspects has me thinking back to the first case of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles - feels like big Phoenix Wright energy."

You can take control of the characters, or choose to play the game in a point and click style, and there are lots of puzzles to solve too. At one point in the trailer a character knees another in the balls. I don't think that's part of a puzzle, I just wanted to point it out because it made me giggle a bit.

Chucklefish continue to make and publish these stylised pixel art games (like Witchbrook, Inmost, Wargroove, etc), and this one looks just as fab as the rest. The animation looks like it's going to fit well with a slapstick train drama, I'm looking forward to this one.

Loco Motive arrives on PC via Steam, as well as Nintendo Switch, in summer 2020.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go listen to Kylie Minogue's Loco-Motion, because this game's name has given me brain worms.

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