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Logitech are making a cloud gaming handheld with Tencent

It'll work with Game Pass and GeForce Now

Logitech and Tencent Games are partnering to create a handheld device tailored for cloud gaming. There are no images of it yet, but the handheld will support multiple cloud gaming services including Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce Now when it launches later this year.

"The new device will support multiple cloud gaming services, and both companies are working with the Xbox Cloud Gaming and NVIDIA GeForce NOW teams, so gamers can play AAA games when they are away from their console or PC," says blog post on the Logitech site.

Although the announcement does not reveal technical specs for the device, it wouldn't need to be particularly powerful. The advantage of cloud gaming is that the game is rendered by a distant server, and the images are then sent to your device over the internet. This means the device could be lower spec, and cheaper, than a typical gaming machine - but also that you'll need a great internet connection in order to play without noticeable lag.

Support for Xbox Cloud Gaming, which is offered as part of a Game Pass subscription, as well as GeForce Now, means there should be plenty of PC games streamable to the device.

The handheld's development is being undertaken by Logitech G, Logitech's brand focused on gaming equipment. Tencent are best known for their investment in umpteen game developers over the past decade, from Riot to 1C to Funcom to Turtle Rock to dozens of others.

I don't do any cloud gaming currently, but if I did I'd be tempted to buy a controller for a phone or tablet I already own rather than buy a new machine. If I was to want a handheld for PC gaming, I'd be more tempted by the already relatively inexpensive Steam Deck, which isn't reliant on superfast internet to work. James has even written instructions on how to use Xbox Cloud Gaming on the Steam Deck, if you're so inclined.

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