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Loiter endlessly in an airport in Brownie Cove Cancelled

All the thrills of waiting for an endlessly delayed flight

Today on the segment we call Things That Are Kinda Unpleasant Because That's The Point Okay we have Brownie Cove Cancelled, a wee first-person wanderer about waiting in an airport for a flight that keeps getting further delayed. At first it's nice to have time to potter around, to grab a snack and check out the airport's graveyard or petting zoo with ambulant hoverfish, but eventually... the drudgery of waiting hits. That's what this is best at. Brownie Cove Cancelled nicely invokes the noise and tiredness and boredom and faint surrealness of being stuck in an airport.

The low-fi look, with its blocky pixels that dance across surfaces up close and blur out the distance, fits that haze. The nonsense filling the textboxes pouring out of fellow would-be passengers is how airports sound after enough time, noise with occasional words like "bags" and "gate" standing out from the blarble.

Odd features like the graveyard and legged flying fish are interesting at first but as delay announcements keep rolling in... beh. The game has actions like joining a queue to get food from a vending machine, which I ended up doing just for something to do. I have done that at real airports.

When I found the corner of stretched-out mirrorhell, yeah, it made sense. That's how it goes. Chuffing airports. Even the wonders I'm told some have, the jellyfish tanks and the butterfly gardens, can't stave off boredom and antsyness forever.

I once spent six hours at LAX. I ended up redying the leather of a pair of cowboy boots on a bench outside. Look, the past happened and I can't change that.

You can download Brownie Cove Cancelled for Windows, Mac, and Linux from, where it's pay-what-you-want with no minimum. It was made by Sand Gardeners (Sam Machell and Colin le Duc) along with Marc Loths during a Ludum Dare game jam.

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