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Magical troublemakers are on the loose in turn-based RPG Ikenfell

There's a bullet point on the Steam page that just says: "Cats. Everywhere."

Ikenfell is a turn-based RPG all about a rag-tag group of pals discovering the secrets of their school for witches and wizards, and it's out right now. So often games make us play as the legendary hero or the most popular kid in school, but not Ikenfell. This has you play as her sister, after the most popular kid goes missing.

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As with any good wizarding school, the halls of Ikenfell are supposedly filled with monsters and treasures and secrets galore. It's a singleplayer game where you'll collect other students to join you on your explorations and battles, with each character having their own special powers and abilities.

The game's soundtrack is from Aivi & Surasshu of Steven Universe too, too.

Also, a bullet point on the Steam page just says: "Cats. Everywhere." Presumably this means exactly what it says, but I'm personally quite eager to find out.

Ikenfell is available on Humble and Steam right now. You can get it for 10% off before October 15th, so it'll cost you £14/$17/€17.

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