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Make your cosy sticker store dreams come true in Sticky Business, out now

All the stickers I could ever want

A sticker design of a cat is sat asleep on a pile of books in Sticky Business
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Assemble Entertainment

I bloody love stickers. I have them on my laptop, my PC case, my phone case, my water bottle, my 3DS, every single one of my notebooks (I’m a journalist so that means a minimum of ten notebooks), and there’s even a sticker on my bread bin. I’m also a huge fan of management sims, so when I saw Sticky Business at this year’s Wholesome Direct, I felt compelled to play it. Guess what? It’s great, and it's out right now.

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Sticky Business is a laid-back shop management game that casts you as the owner of a cute sticker business. You have to create your own stickers, print those stickers and then pack orders to be shipped out all in pursuit of a thriving sticker business. It’s incredibly cosy, and for those who love games that let you run a shop - your Potion Craft-s and Moonlighter-likes - it’s the perfect snack-sized side hustle.

The best bit about Sticky Business is the sticker design system, which comes complete with a huge library of images. Want all your stickers to be cottagecore-themed? You can absolutely do that with plenty of crystals, mushrooms, and flower options. Want to make a shop entirely dedicated to a capybara riding a pink doughnut and farting out sparkles? Absolutely go for it. There are so many objects, characters and shapes to choose from, and you can buy more when you start earning money from successful deliveries.

A delivery box filled with a panda sticker and the frog stickers in Sticky Business
A printed sticker sheet with witch-themes stickers on it in Sticky Business
A purple website that sells witch-themed stickers in Sticky Business
A box filled with stickers, sweets and tissue paper in Sticky Business
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Assemble Entertainment

When you’ve designed and printed off your stickers, it’s time to sell them, and here comes Sticky Business' other cosy element: customers can leave little messages for you when they order, revealing little snippets about their lives. A teacher might want some stickers as rewards for their class, or someone might really be into bullet journaling and wants cute stickers to decorate their pages. I like these small windows into people’s backstories, and repeat customers bring some light story elements to an already breezy game.

At the end of each day, you get a round-up of how many orders you packed and how much money you’ve pocketed, and slowly but surely, you’ll be able to build an epic sticker empire! Or keep to a cosy small business, completely up to you.

Sticky Business offers low-pressure management for those who like cosy games. You can nab it over on Steam for £9/$10/€10, but it’s currently on sale for a little bit less right now thanks to its launch discount.

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