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Marvel's Avengers will show off new gameplay and co-op in June

Assemble the home office

We've heard hardly a peep from the Marvel's Avengers corner since Crystal Dynamics announced a delay earlier this year. They're not ready to unveil more just yet, but the Avengers are allegedly reassembling. The developers will be hosting a livestream on June 24th to tell us more.

Crystal Dynamics say that they'll be showing off some more Avengers gameplay during the stream along with some co-op. Whelp, that's about all we know until next month! Well, there is just the itsy bitsy-est bit of gameplay at the end of the video in the tweeted announcement. Iron Man paint jobs. Hulk smashes. Explosions. You know the drill.

We do know that Marvel's Avengers will lend you a bit of versatility in how you play all the larger than life heroes. You can respec the team, according to creative director, Noah Hughes, “one player might play Thor as an AOE damage dealer controlling the crowd, but an ally could build him up primarily focused on melee tactics.” Apparently the bants are pretty B-tier though.

Crystal Dynamics' livestream will be on June 24th, which they're calling the first "war table" stream, suggesting there might be more such videos to follow. In all likelihood, this will be the start of Marvel's Avengers gearing up for its September 4th release date.

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