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Max & Maya: Cat Simulator might not be the most authentic thing ever

The whole kitten caboodle

As the owner/chosen human/minion of two twitchy felines, I'm fairly certain that at least 80% of the things shown in the trailer for Max & Maya: Cat Simulator are factually inaccurate, though I wish that wasn't the case. The idea of cat civilization rising to fill the power vacuum in the event of a zombie apocalypse is an amusing one.

Due for release sometime in 2018, the debut title from OMG Studio, Max & Maya, looks to be a strange blend of influences and genres that, despite seemingly boundless potential for jank, has just enough polish and creativity on show in the trailer after the jump to pique my interest.

While the intentionally glitchy mess that is Goat Simulator does seem to be at least a partial inspiration for Max & Maya (at least in terms of tone) there has clearly been a lot of time and effort poured into the movement animations on these cats, as they bounce and leap their way across the scenery, so I don't want to dismiss it as just another wacky mash-up of mismatched game assets.

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One particular screenshot on the Steam storefront for the game shows a settlement management screen, with you assigning mogs to various roles around your fortress home. The sheer volume of stats and resources on show suggests that either it's a very elaborate throwaway joke, of hinting that there's surprising depth and complexity to the game.

Given some of the strange otherworldly environments showed in the trailer, and such surreal scenes as cats battling alien invaders by moonlight, and feline versus canine royal rumbles aided by magical bombardment from the sidelines, there might be something really unique going on here. 

Max & Maya: Cat Simulator isn't due for release until some ways into 2018, but you can wishlist it on Steam if you want to be kept abreast of any surprise release announcements. No price tag

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